Discover investments in the hidden corners of the market.

The Oddball Stocks Newsletter is a gateway to the world of undiscovered investments.

Nate Tobik, the author of The Oddball Stocks Blog has been writing about under-followed and under appreciated investments since 2010.  These investments aren’t great day trades, or stocks that can be flipped for a quick 10%.  Most of the stocks profiled require patience, but the reward is worth it.  If you are looking for areas of the market that haven’t been touched by the efficient market theory the Oddball Stocks Newsletter is your ticket.

Billed yearly until cancelled

Each newsletter includes:

  • An introduction letter containing general thoughts, thoughts on the current market, investment strategies, and other musings.
  • At least four new investment idea write-ups.
  • An update section with information on oddball stocks.  This is where you will find information on stocks that have been profiled in the past, or other stocks worth mentioning.
  • A guest investment idea.  The newsletter doesn’t just find undiscovered stocks, it finds undiscovered managers too.  A guest investment idea by an undiscovered manager is included in each issue.  These are managers who have innovative investment ideas that aren’t well known by the market.
  • Profiles of a/an attractive bank stock
  • All issues are distributed digitally in a PDF format.
  • An annual subscription consists of six issues approximately spaced two months apart.
  • The cost is $590 a year.

Looking for a sample?

General questions

Q: What’s the newsletter’s investing style?

A: The newsletter has a preference for deep value stocks.  These are stocks that are often trading at low multiples of book value, earnings, or private market value.  Many of the stocks in the newsletter are smaller with market caps below $500m.  Often stocks profiled are somewhat illiquid as well where patience is required to build a position.

Q: Are sample issues available?

A: No sample issues are available.  If you’d like to see a sample of the author’s work navigate to and begin reading.  The author has been profiling the types of companies that appear in the newsletter since 2010.  The newsletter is a premium version of the Oddball Stocks blog.  The best investment ideas are saved for the newsletter.

Q: What is the cost?

A: A subscription costs $590 a year.

Q: When and how do I receive my newsletters?

A: The first newsletter will be available for download when you purchase a subscription on this site.  Subsequent issues will be emailed to subscribers.

Q: Are past issues available for purchase?

A: Past issues are not available for purchase at this time.  This could change in the future.

Q: How long is each issue?

A: Not too long, and not too short, you can read and finish the newsletter over a leisurely breakfast.  The first issue contains 25 pages of content.

Q: Does each issue contain new investment ideas, or are old ideas simply rehashed?

A: Each issue has at least four new ideas along with updates on numerous unlisted companies.  Previous ideas might be commented on as necessary, but an update on a previous idea will never take the place of a new idea.

Q: How do I know you’re not just pumping stocks and selling?

A: I only write about stocks that I want to own in my own portfolio.  I will not buy or sell a stake in any company mentioned for a week surrounding the date of publication.  At times I do already own stakes in some of these companies, often placeholder positions to obtain annual reports.  I am providing my best ideas to you first, and then buying along side you.

Q: Are any of the stocks you write about investable?

A: Many of the stocks profiled will be smaller, and some illiquid, but all are investable.  Every effort is made to find profitable ideas that readers can invest in themselves.  If you are running a billion dollar fund and looking to invest $10m in a position the newsletter is probably not for you.  If you’re looking to invest $100k or less in a new position it shouldn’t be a problem.

Billed yearly until cancelled