Discover investments in the hidden corners of the market.

The Oddball Stocks Newsletter is a gateway to the world of undiscovered investments.

Nate Tobik, the author of The Oddball Stocks Blog has been writing about under-followed and under appreciated investments since 2010.  These investments aren’t great day trades, or stocks that can be flipped for a quick 10%.  Most of the stocks profiled require patience, but the reward is worth it.  If you are looking for areas of the market that haven’t been touched by the efficient market theory the Oddball Stocks Newsletter is your ticket.

With your subscription you’ll have access to:

  • Investment write-ups detailing undiscovered and uncovered stocks
  • Updates on stocks in our coverage universe.  These are updates packed full of information that you cannot get anywhere else.
  • On the ground intel from our research team, includes information from site visits, interactions with managements, and details from attended annual meetings.
  • Access to financial information on oddball companies that is difficult to obtain without being a shareholder.
  • We shine a light on dark companies that pretend they don’t have outside shareholders.  We’re not afraid to exercise our legal rights to get information for shareholders and the investing public.
  • Guest investment ideas.   The newsletter doesn’t just find undiscovered stocks, it finds undiscovered managers too.  A guest investment idea by an undiscovered manager is included in each issue.  These are managers who have innovative investment ideas that aren’t well known by the market.
  • A private online investment forum where you can share ideas and network with other investors.
  • All issues are distributed digitally in a PDF format.
  • An annual subscription consists of five issues throughout the year
  • The cost is $695 a year.

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